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Scene Setting
The Virtual Campuses (VCs) used to support formal programme delivery are built on a version of Moodle that is now end of life, meaning we need to upgrade to a newer version for ongoing updates and security patches.

Background information available here

We believe that …
We can ease the impact of changing the theme and introducing a different layout to a VC by implementing Moodle User Tours to signpost key changes at first login.

A linked hypothesis is that we can introduce further targeted user tours based on support calls raised to improve participant and tutor VC experience.

How critical is this hypothesis?


We aim to use this research to …
Inform the introduction of a closed loop of support requests and new features triggering new User Tours on an ongoing basis i.e. if a problem area is identified on a VC based on calls received, a User Tour will be developed, and the number of related issues monitored to ensure they decrease, indicating that the User Tour is helping VC users.


To verify that, we will…
Create User Tour(s) for the main page of Moodle highlighting key areas as part of the Moodle upgrade and theme change and monitor help calls being received to see if:
a) we have a sharp spike after the initial upgrade
b) issues raised in a particular area of VC reduce after introduction of a User Tour

Test cost:

Test reliability:


And measure…
Number of support calls raised regarding a Virtual Campus following its upgrade.

Time requirement:


We are right if…
A Virtual Campus upgrade doesn’t lead to a large increase in support calls being received

Issues raised in a particular area or page of VC reduce following the introduction of a User Tour.

Non-urgent advice: Experiment #005

Subject: Virtual Campus User Tours

Andy Cole, Digital Learning Support Team

Experiment start:

Experiment end:

Analysis start:

10 weeks


Based on the Strategizer lean test card

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